Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Love
words cannot explain our love

We love each other.You love me.I love you but, you didnt know that.We were never best friends but I had a hunch you wanted too be.You never asked me my name.
You never asked you just touch.From my head to my toe you touch why OH why but I guess that's why I fell for you if only you knew, now that you're gone I wouldn't have it any other way but to have you here with me again.Sorry that I showed no affection to the love you were giving me.Now I speak more about you because, keeping secrets inside makes you talk more rather than telling about them.Every night I dream about you but when I wake up the dreams over and I sit there wondering why.If only I could turn back the clock to the day we first met and you actually knew my name.I'd tell you everything with a kiss cause words cannot explain the love I felt for you ,but I would say this
 I LOVE YOU more than I did before.

Me and Him

Heart-Broken: Who Will I Love

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What is Love

What is LOVE ?

its Pain that's what it is.You Love then you dont .HE away youre still e